Our products

Our company markets its products are the Coronado registered trademarks for the beans from El Barco de Ávila and Pico Almanzor for Jewish, chickpeas and lentils.

Under the brand of legumes Coronado packages these seven varieties Jew, Kidney, Long M., Round M., Ironed, Round and rice and under the Pico Almanzor brand we package Jew, Kidney, Long M., Round M., Ironed, rice, Carilla, De La Virgen, Cinnamon, Fabada, Pinta, Black Bean, Negra Tolosana in Jewish, Castellana Lentil, Verdina Lentil, Pardina Lentil and Medium Lentil and then in Castellano Chickpeas, Chickpea from El Barco and Milky Chickpea.

The Jewish from El Barco de Ávila It is characterized because it is easy to cook and when eaten it has a fine texture without the skin being noticeable. This quality is that of fine water, the properties of the earth and the continental climate conducive to bean.

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